Day 1
30 Oct 2018
Day 2
31 Oct 2018
8:30 - 10:00


AMECSE 2018 Welcome & Opening Session

H.E. Eng. Dr. Amr Talaat - Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Ms.  Maha Rashad  - Chief Executive Officer, ITIDA and Conference Honorary Chair

Dr. Hossam Osman -ITIDA VP, Conference Chair, SECC Chairman

Dr. Haitham Hamza - Program Chair, SECC R&D Manager

Dr. Amr Talaat
Ms. Maha Rashad
Dr. Hossam Osman
Dr. Haitham Hamza

Disruptive Digital Innovations in the Banking Industry

Manuel M. Alonso

Digital Transformation lead at IBM Banking - MEA


The presentation will explain which are the most disruptive digital innovation, taking as an example the banking industry, and how these innovations are transforming the business model, the customer experience and even the banking ecosystem.

Manuel M. Alonso

Role of Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies in The Digital Transformation of Africa

Lesley Mbogo

Member of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Taskforce, Ministry of ICT, Kenya


New digital technologies are rapidly making their way into all facets of African life. These emerging and disruptive technologies have potential to transform economies, labor markets, and productivity of society. We will review the details how the use of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and other technologies could be transformative across several key sectors including healthcare, agriculture, education, and government services.
Lesley Mbogo
12:30 - 13:00

Coffee Break

Evolution of Distributed Data Applications – Mainframe to Open Systems

Mario Gray

Principal Technologist, Pivotal

Mario Gray

Industry and Research Parallel Sessions

Hall 1 Blockchain in Action Hall 2 Cloud Technologies Hall 3 Automation, Estimation and Testing
Integrating Blockchain and Enterprise Resource Planning to Support Smart Contracts Between Supply Chain Parties
Maged Elgazzar (Cairo University, Egypt); Dona Kaid (German University in Cairo, Egypt)  
Blockchain Analytics Beyond the Hype: Bringing Order to Disruptive Digital Transformation Wave in Financial Services Industry with Enterprise Architecture
Ahmed Elsheikh (SECC/ITIDA, Egypt)  

Build Multi-Cloud Strategy with VMware

Bala Nair (VMWare)

New Cloud Based ERP Software Product Line Requirements Elicitation Tool - Real Life Evaluation
Mohamed A. Abd Elmonem (RSSI, Cairo University, Egypt); Eman Nasr (Independent Researcher, Egypt); Mervat Gheith (Cairo university, Egypt)

Robotic Process Automation – RPA

Ahmad Youssef Sallam (BBI)


Revolutionizing Healthcare - The Digital Future of Healthcare

Ahmed Rabieh (Healthcare Industry)

Dr. Walid Fouad  (PEH/AFME Egypt)

A Classification for Software Estimation Sizing Techniques
Nisma Gaffar; Hanan Moussa; Amr Kamel; Galal. H. Galal-Edeen (Cairo University, Egypt)
15:00 - 16:00

Lunch Break

8:30 - 10:00


Digital Transformation: Strategies for Automation, Innovation, and Intelligence

Nagia El Emary

Egypt Country Manager & MEA Senior Consultant, IDC


It has become vital for organizations to innovate using digital innovators to drive competitive advantage and ensure business longevity. The automation and intelligence possible because of leveraging digital technologies has unleashed the next level of innovation across industries where businesses are transforming the way they engage with customers and how they innovate in product and service delivery. The IT framework within enterprises thus continues to evolve with the business demands & technology enhancements. With a lot of businesses across industries already tipped over the digital transformation scale, the need for accelerating innovation by leveraging the digital strategies becomes crucial. This session details some of the digital transformation best practices by examining some key successes and exploring avenues how digital transformation can be customized.

Nagia El Emary

The Emerging Cross Border Trust Services Market with LIGHTest

Rachelle Sellung

Senior Scientist in the competence team of Identity Management at the University of Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IAO


This presentation would talk about the progress the EU-funded LIGHTest project has made in the last two years of a three-year project. Lightest enables the use of a global and trusted infrastructure to determine and verify digital trust assurances to facilitate decision-making and assessing risk. By better understanding operational risk, operational costs can be better controlled.  LIGHTest is providing tools for the emerging cross-border trust services market.
Rachelle Sellung

Driving Growth, Agility, and Innovation through Digital Transformation

Saurabh Verma

BU Head of ICT & Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan - Middle East & North Africa


Digital Transformation has emerged as a buzz word across the globe, as well as in the region. It is rare to find any large or medium organization not having digital transformation at the center of their business strategy. DX is not just about the technology, and it is in fact a fundamental shift in the way businesses are going to offer their products and services, interact with customers, deliver customer experience, and most importantly run their day to day business. Clearly, the DX is expected to impact different aspects and functions of business in different ways; at the same time, DX could mean different things to different industries and even different organizations within the same industry. This is why there is no standard definition of DX. In this presentation, Saurabh Verma, Head of ICT practice, MEA at Frost & Sullivan will share insights on the changing business landscape, emergence of DX, the way forward, and how to embark on this transformational journey.
Saurabh Verma
12:30 - 13:00

Coffee Break

Industry and Research Parallel Sessions

Hall 1 Capability Driven Enterprise Architecture Hall 2 Software Process Improvement Hall 3 Emerging Technologies Hall 4 Deep Learning in Practice
Developing a Capability Assessment Model
Yasser Ghanim (SECC, Egypt); Ahmed S. Elsheikh (SECC, Egypt)  
SECC Smart University Reference Architecture
Azza K. Nabih (SECC, Egypt); Yasser Ghanim (SECC, Egypt); Ahmed S. Elsheikh (SECC, Egypt); Haitham Hamza (SECC, Egypt); and Sherif S. Ibrahim (SECC, Egypt)  

CMMI DEV 1.3 Specific State Machine Based Process Performance Model
Zeeshan Anwar (NUST, Pakistan); Nazia Bibi (NUST, Pakistan); Ali Ahsan (Foundation University); Hammad Afzal (NUST, Pakistan)  

Learning Kanban with Gamification Concept

Ahmed Ameen (SECC, Egypt)

Quickstart DevOps Culture with VMware

Zahoor Alam (VMWare)


Vodafone Cognitive Het-Net

Mostafa Essa (Vodafone)


IoT Verticals and How to Faster Time to Market

Nardine Farah (Etisalat)

Deep Learning for Self-driving Cars

Ibrahim sobh (Valeo)

Using Deep Learning for Automating Agile Relative Estimation in Arabic Context
Mohamed Galal Ali (CodeZone, Egypt); Reham Saleh (SECC, Egypt); Ahmed Ameen (SECC, Egypt)

Focused Round Tables Parallel Sessions

Main Hall Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4

Focused Roundtable 1

DevOps as Digital Transformation Enabler

Focused Roundtable 2

Digital Transformation in EduTech: Reality and Myths

Focused Roundtable 3

Positioning FOSS in the era of Digital Transformation

Focused Roundtable 4

Digital Transformation for Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0): A Reality Check

Focused Roundtable 5

Cybersecurity in the Digital Era
15:00 - 16:00

Lunch Break

Closure Cermony

AMECSE 2018 Closure Ceremony

Conference Closure

Honoring Keynote Speakers