Blockchain for FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges

30 Oct 2018
16:00 - 19:00
Hall 4

Blockchain for FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges

Ahmed Elsheikh & Mahmoud Mohamed

Goals and objectives

Blockchain technology had started to change the way of doing business around the world, and currently, is disrupting almost every industry and known business model. Financial services industry is one of the highly impacted industries with what is currently happening in the digital economy due to the “Digital Transformation” wave in general and by Blockchain specifically. “FinTech” is the current dominating trend describing the role played by the disrupting technologies in the financial services industry.

The workshop is going to highlight the following:

  • Blockchain technology brief
  • The digital transformation overview
  • What is FinTech, or the digital transformation in financial services industry?
  • The role that Blockchain can play in the FinTech revolution