Voting for AMECSE2018 DevOps Tutorial Topic is Open


Voting for AMECSE2018 DevOps Tutorial Topic is Open

We are pleased to announce that we will have a tutorial about “DevOps” as part of AMECSE 2018 program.

The tutorial will be delivered by our expert from IBM, Eng. Ahmed Abdelaziz. You can check his Biography here

In order to meet your expectations, we have the below suggested topics on DevOps and we will proceed with the topic that receives the highest number of voting.

Please feel free to express your preference. Waiting for you at AMECSE 2018 on 30-31 October.

Registration is OPEN now and you are welcome to register here

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Topic 1: Enterprise DevOps (Plan Your Enterprise Adoption)

In this workshop we will walk the audience through a practical workshop how to plan for your DevOps adoption on the enterprise level. How to create adoption pan and strategy, adoption roadmap, and what to consider in the overall solution architecture.

Target Audience: Decision Makers, key Function Leaders, and Solution Architects


Topic 2: Using DevOps for Effective Microservices Architecture Management

In this workshop we will take a sample microservices application and will discuss how to design and configure an effective DevOps pipeline and toolchain to manage the day-to-day deployments of new code.

Target Audience: Developers and Dev Leads who are using or planning to use microservices architecture


Topic 3: Manage DevOps Pipeline for Hybrid Deployment

Many organizations are transforming to Cloud technologies today, however, it is not a one shot action. During this transition, even after it has completed, there will be a need to manage the delivery pipeline to deploy pieces of complex applications to multiple targets, such as Cloud and legacy on-prem at the same time. In this workshop we will discuss a practical example how to do that.

Target Audience: Tech Leads and Architects who are working in hybrid environments.


Topic 4: DevSecOps, A New Trend?

A new concept in the DevOps world is now emerging which is DevSecOps. It is basically how to bundle security within the entire DevOps framework. With all hassle about security and its importance in nowadays world; this workshop will discuss how to do that.

Target Audience: Security and DevOps specialists